Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Cancelled an interview and got job offer

I was awoke this morning from a call from Tanya at Utah Festival Orchestra. She informed me that UFOC wanted to schedule an interview with me tomorrow at 10:15 AM. I had been holding out for a call from Erin at the Gateway Playhouse on Long Island. I did not want to put all my eggs in one basket and scheduled the interview. It was for a marketing job that I found on Backstage jobs a few weeks ago when I was sending my resume out to 2 theatres a week (I'd like to call that my short-lived summer crisis). I really wasn't too focused on it because I sent them my resume in march, and had yet to really hear a response from them. I then went and illegally parked my car in the school lot and went to stagecraft where we learned about drafting and how to read it.

I then made my way home to find food and a tape I needed for videotaping some primates for my digital media class. Who calls... Erin.

The conversation went something to this affect:

E: Hi is this Ryan?
R: Yes, How may I help you?
E: We've been talking at the office about summer positions and after your interview on Friday, we want you to work for us...

I was happy, ecstatic about the opportunity to work for a company that is "Long Island's only professional Music theatre company" and they have a pool on the premises.

Here's a google earth image of it. Its an hour from New York City and its IN THE HAMPTONS, so that is also entertaining.

Lastly, Great River Shakespeare Festival is putting on Macbeth and As You Like it this summer. I highly suggest you go see both of the plays.


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