Thursday, April 26, 2007

No electricity and grape jelly

My house has no electricity now. They really weren't joking when they said they would cut it off. I figured since I only have 14 days until I actually have to leave this town I love to call home for the east coast, they weren't going to get to me that quickly, but they did.

I just have one word for the electricity company.... Meh

You were just doing your job. I understand. I have a lantern and who really needs electricity when you sleep? A fridge? Buffet line at the grocery store. Cooking food? They didn't shut off my gas, so screw 'em. This is the second time this has happened to me, so I'm not surprised.

I made a really cool litho print of a picture from the bodega downtown. This is just a placeholder to give you an idea. I am making a 2 image panoramic with some love put into it. I am also putting together 3 different picture with Photoshop in order to get some good experience and say that I accomplished something this semester in my photography class.

I also have made a lot of headway with my photography project. I have an opening shot and a 3rd of it basically edited out. I am doing an odd way of editing I've never tried before. I like to call it 'cut and fuck'. You basically take all your footage, and grind it out. Sync up your audio, and just make cuts accordingly.

Here is a photo of the opening scene.

I also want to say that I heart my friends as well. I was feeling crappy this morning, and then I looked at my phone. I had two text messages from last night.

The first said "Are you coming to the show tonight?" Oops, my bad. I forgot.

The second said "Your book smells like grape juice." I don't know why that's funny, but it is.

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