Thursday, April 5, 2007


I decided to spend some time today working on my music production and came to the conclusion that I have obsessive compulsive disorder with the following:

1) Checking my email/phone (I heard it ring at least 10 times today)
2) editing music till its finished

I will take them in order.

1. I went to school twice today, once to check my email after waking up because I have no Internet/cable at my house and then again after I found some Evol Intent MP3s on my removable hard drive that I did not know existed. I need to clean this out more because I keep finding music. I also have come to the conclusion that I have more music than I think I will ever need. I find a new song that I do not know that I have about once a day. Getting back to the email thing, I did find out that I have an interview tomorrow morning at 10:30 a.m. with a theatre that produces musicals out in Bellport, NY. The pay isn't the greatest, but its close to another theatre also on Long Island.

My phone has started doing this thing where I think it will be ringing/vibrating when in actuality, I am just crazy.

2. The second time I went to school, I started editing some music together because I might be spinning at a rave thats in early may, but who knows if that will happen. I spent 4 hours going over random music and came up with 2 five minute mixes. You can listen to them Here.

This will probably be my first album cover.
What it do

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