Saturday, April 7, 2007

Who wants to go to a rave?

Due to the fact that a close friend is having this rave at his property, I find it quite fitting that I should help to promote it in a tasteful manner that is not only helpful but also insightful to the fruition of this party on May 5Th.

First, this property is gorgeous. Its spacious with many lakes and room for camping. There has been debate on how many stages, but its looking like 3-4 plus a chill room. I think that this will be a great start to the party season. A full description of all the DJs and everything else can be found here.

bring it bitch

I want to get this one in because if you have read my last posting, I might be on Long Island for the summer. If that does end up going down, you can imagine that I will be representing WI partying to the east coast. They don't even know how we kick it.

Secondly, Addict Records is having their 10 year anniversary party on May 4th at the Inferno in Madison. This should be a treat with DOORMOUSE/ Anonymous, Stunt Rock, J-Slim, AbleCain, Gein, and Hypnoassasin. So basically, EVERYONE I LOVE.

This is a must field trip as well. Let me know if you want to hit up either one of these. much love.

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