Sunday, May 13, 2007

My first day

I woke up at 10:00 AM this morning to the alarm in the next room. I laid in bed till about 11:30, then I got the strength to get up and eat some apple sauce. Washed it down with an energy drink and was 10 minutes early to work.

I proceeded to sit in a chair hearing the history of gateway through a flurry of names and events. It was a bit overwhelming, but I basically followed her train of thought. I then went to drop off a food order with Erin's assistant. We talked on the car ride and showed me the basics of the town: the bar, deli, and theatre in the next town.

A sandwich and a drink were $11 even. I will be making my food on my own for now. I also got my palm pilot working, and am now able to digitize everything I need to do. My day planner is scheduled out through Wednesday.

We proceeded to get back and I ended up unpacking much of my room: Nintendo wii, clothes, and a few bottles. It makes me think of being back in the boy scouts, but with more drinking and less backpacks.

I made myself a dinner of rice, beans, and some special butter. It has been a good day/night of working. I feel as though I am going to enjoy working here a lot.

I am sitting at my desk currently with a PBR in hand while I am typing this.

Life is good. Lets see how this week goes.

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