Monday, January 28, 2008

A starbucks and two redbulls

The easiest way to comb through the last few days is to Tarentino it and go backwards.

With a sleepless night and coffee/two redbull day, I find that caffine has become a short term fiend to me.

The video has come a long way and we called in some help to sift through all the video of meatloaf and wizard of oz that our musical director has worked on in the past.

I woke up this morning not hung over from the night before. Sarah was gracious enough to let me sleep in her bed while she took the couch. I would not have minded the couch if it wasn't a love seat, but it was.

She took me to the train line that was preschool to the manhatten lines. I transfered lines and made it back on the bus from Boston to Manhatten. I met a harvard law student on the way back and enjoyed having an intellectual conversation about contract law and equity.

Having time to come home and go straight to work, I did not eat dinner and ate some fruit and a piece of pita to tide myself over.

Started work, edited video, drank a coffee at midnight after some amazing film footage was taken. Got a kosher dinner and left for home at 4ish. I remember falling asleep at 6 something.


Today was my day of production meetings and taping interviews. I won't go into depth about our innerworkings, but I called a lot of theaters.

The day flew by and it soon was Shabbos. My information about the ride from Manhatten to boston was incorrect and I did not learn this till late afternoon.

I deposited my check, got food, and took a cab during rush hour to past chelsea. Got to boston at 10:15 and meet up at a bar.

They had a mechanical bull in the middle of this night club, which made for constant drunken entertainment throughout the night.


Nothing special besides having dinner with emily and seeing her cats from back home (I mean the tabby type, not the friends kind). I really like her cats.

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Emily Asher said...

And they enjoy you, too!! Thanks for coming over and keeping us company and providing the house-warming bubbly!