Wednesday, March 18, 2009

I'm on a boat!

Where I am now.

Things on the ship have been good. I am getting in to the vibe of how things work in the backstage and the hierarchy of management. It has been at least a day since I got lost in a stairwell.

In a nutshell, my life is a series of one to two hour work calls that facilitate the ship’s entertainment needs; from setting up sound outside for a guitarist by the pool or being backstage running shows. The skills necessary are quite basic but add all the work together makes a well rounded position that allows me to take time to myself and focus on relaxing and doing the complex show moves better.

The person that I am replacing is named T and he is a great teacher. My department is mainly Filipino guys in their mid 30s who have small children back home. They have worked for princess for 5-10 years and do stage crew as well. The production managers are also Filipino, except for a new head named _______. She is a good spirited woman in her mid 30s also that I have been getting along with very well.

After the shows are done, my Filipino coworkers spend their evenings hanging out in the hallway just outside of my room. I need to take a picture of this event, because it reminds me of college, including the security guards (reminiscent of RAs) that patrol nightly.

Tomorrow I will start using a Moleskine book that Kate gave to me. It will further just how white I am.

I am in port in Cartagena, Columbia. It is beautiful and 80 degrees.

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Kate said...

Oh you know you couldn't wait to start showing off the whiteness with your Moleskine. Enjoy. :)