Friday, April 3, 2009

Ochos Rios, Jamaica Part 2

Things are going very well on the ship. I was back in Miami again today and hoped to receive a package from my parents today with new eye glasses and flip flops. It did not come.

I have settled into my position now but constantly look for ways to improve upon what I have already learned. Today is my turn to do IPM (In Port Manning). For IPM, I must turn in my card that allows me to get off the ship and have more responsibilities than normal. I woke up at 5:00 AM to put on a DVD, set out microphones, and make sure music was playing in the lounges.

I am now waiting to setup an induction (introduction) for the new arrivals to the ship (laptop, Powerpoint, and a DVD). It’s a difficult life sometimes: work 30 minutes, 2 hours off, work 15 minutes, an hour off. My life is a series of waiting for events to happen. Unlike some of my friends right now, I have a job and am happy with the work that I am more fortunate than others. The team is also a great asset to my current happiness. If I have an issue, I can call one of them and 4 show up. The Filipinos show signs of solidarity on a daily basis and make you feel like family.

The last post was from when I was at the hard rock cafĂ© in Ochos Rios, Jamaica. If you look at my daily booth from that day, you’ll see the logo in the background. I do miss friends and the constant cell phone service, but I am finding other things to occupy my time. Once I get some time to myself, I will start making more 1001 secrets videos.

Enjoy the random pictures.

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Kate said...

Thanks for the awesome road sign pic. I will continue to walk good. :-)