Friday, August 14, 2009

Show, setup, show, strike setup

One of the important points of my job is to understand why we do the amount of shows we produce on the boat.

One thing to take into account is that the ship is pretty much a floating hotel. You have restaurants, place to buy photos of yourself while at those restaurants, gift shops, bars, the casino is always accepting donations, or the spa for a nice haircut/massage. The one tie that binds all these services is that they cost money.

This brings me to the main point of this posting, people are more willing to come to an event if it is free or the passenger receives free things at the event.

If the company was to charge admission to shows, the attendance would be horrible.

The service the theater provides on the boat is a necessary one in order to occupy the night time between dinner time and when you start to drink.

I do not mind this necessary evil upon the ship because it allows me do what I love, travel, and save in the process.

All this I bring up because tonight is my hardest night on the 14 day. It in involves running a show, strike half of it quickly, setup a 6 piece orchestra, run a crew talent show, strike that, finish the first strike completely, and setup a completely different set.

That may sound complex but in all seriousness, it is not that horrible. It is just the pinnacle of physical work/mental strain that makes everything go slowly. I love my job but this is the day that only comes around twice a month.

On a side bar, I started doing a more intense abs workout. Let's see if this pays off in 58 days.

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